In Love with the Kira Bag

Hey, there it is again. You probably still remember the Kira Bag in its delicate shade of nougat, right? Today, the Kira Bag in red and one size smaller does its job just as well as its big sister.

For me, it is one of my absolute favorite bags from the current Spring/Summer 2019 Collection because of the series’ trademark, the clasp covered with leather.  

By the way, when I saw the #DADASS19 Collection for the first time, it was this bag that made my fashion-loving heart dance. In the shade of Signal Red, the bag is perfect for Valentine’s Day this Thursday, isn’t it? Maybe a little wild with the crazy strap I ‘paired’ the bag with today. But the primary colors blue and red simply always guarantee a good mood - whether you are currently in love or happily single!   

What is still missing? Probably the coolest sneakers of this still very new year. Believe me, you will hear, see and read a lot about them! So seize the opportunity!  

Totally crazy in love & kind of DADA Yours,