It's Fashion Week time – for me, that means a lot of fashion shows, limitless inspiration, a suitcase full of looks and too little time to wear them all. And why should I constantly change my outfit, when I feel really feel at ease in one outfit. Anyway, accessories are essential for the perfect look. Different shoes, but especially focusing on a new bag can turn one and the same dress into a whole new outfit.  

In any case, while I was packing for the fashion week, I couldn't decide on either one of the Lucy Bags from AIGNER's Fall/Winter Collection 2016. One of them in black - the epitome of a classic -, the other one more than a little innovative and wild, thanks to its pattern - and the modern digital stone print on soft leather.   One and the same bag and yet so different. So I should better not tell you that the Lucy Bag is also available in a bright scarlet red and a breathtaking shade of moss green. Fortunately, we don't have to worry about a matching outfit, because the Lucy, whether in red or green, goes with everything. The elegant gold chain and the clasp are further eyecatching details which simply make the Lucy Bag my favorite bag for this season's fashion shows.  

All the best from Berlin, Kate