Small bag, great effect – the Alia Bag as a styling booster  

Who says creases and lines make us look old? The Alia Bag’s creases and folds act like a styling booster upon our wardrobe. 

Their effect should not be underestimated. Incidentally, the Alia Bag’s timeless design not only impresses us with a textured, cut handle in the form of a horse’s mane on the upper edge, inspired by AIGNER’s longstanding history in the equestrian sports. The accordion look also offers space for all manner of useful things thanks to the many folds and compartments. No more endless searching in the depths of our handbags. Creases yes, but not on our forehead!

By the way, the Alia series’ cool color blocking is based on the fundamental DADA idea of the collection and presents strongly contrasting colors on polished smooth leather, which are consequently even more striking.  But you should definitely also take a look at the other color variation in blue-red-dark blue. Which would appeal to you? As you can see, the sporty, broad shoulder strap, also in the color blocking look, can be neatly combined with delicate dresses and provides the finishing touches.  

I hope you like my look with the Alia Bag!

Have a stylish week!

Yours, Kate