Let’s talk about heat. I don’t mean we’re about to sit around and have a scientific discussion on the creation of heat and the fickle personality of weather. That’s another article completely. What I DO mean is that we need to discuss what it means to live in a country so hot that it takes your breath away when you step outside - literally.

It’s a wonder that humans not only survive but thrive in this region. For those of us that have chosen to become a part of the modest dressing community (comprising of women from all walks of life and all religious backgrounds who choose to wear longer, looser or less revealing clothing for their own personal choice and comfort) you can imagine how much more difficult the heat becomes to bear. Which brings me to my point (I promise I had one somewhere at some point): your bags need to be functional enough to withstand heat, get you in and out as fast as humanly possible and look INSANELY chic while doing so.

Which is exactly why I chose the Anthea and the Cavallina bag from AIGNER. They’re made of fine Italian leather, durable in any kind of weather and whatever conditions you put them up against. When I think of functionality, I envision a bag so chic in size and color that it’s what I reach for daily on my way out the door. This blush colored Anthea bag is the epitome of that.

The perfect new neutral that can pair with an endless stream of outfits and in an endless mix of colors. It gives you compartments for organization so you know where everything is in a pinch, and it gives you just enough room for the absolute necessities without ever having to compromise your style. Living in crazy heat means never wanting to dig around in a large, bulky bag. It means picking AIGNER’s Anthea bag and being sound in your decision that you chose something that’s going to go the extra mile with you. Because that’s all we really need at the end of a long day…a bag that goes to the extra length of making sure we’ve got all the space we could possibly need without making us look like we’re toting around our entire houses. Next up is this beige enigma of beauty – the Cavallina bag - that does double duty as well.

Back to my issue with heat: I NEVER (okay almost never) want to carry anything in my hands when I’m darting around Kuwait.