Welcome to one of my usual mornings at the farmer's market. There is a wonderful smell of vegetables and fresh flowers, the people have satisfied smiles on their faces and I love strolling through the aisles, completely stress-free. I am particularly fascinated by the ever-changing variety of colors to be seen depending on the season. Now is the time when you can find a true blaze of colors.  

Accordingly, I chose a very special model of AIGNER's Cybill Bag from the new Fall & Winter Collection 16/17 for today's visit: Linea! On the one hand, with its colorful stripes, it picks up on the current variety of colors to be found in nature, as well as the colorblocking trend, on the other hand, the rather sober shades rosewood, black, burgundy and feather grey fit seamlessly into the scenario. The different uses of materials like pony skin, suede and grain leather also reflect the diversity of nature and make the bag my new favorite companion - to the farmer's market or to a cool vernissage. The new Cybill Bag Linea is another one of these all-rounders for so many moments in life - the basis for an absolute must-have for the new season! What do you think?  

Yours truly, Kate