Traveling is always a good idea. Especially when you're stressed out and you have the need to escape your daily life for a few days. After a couple of years I finally managed to visit London again. I really like city-trips because there are so many things to see in a very short period of time so you have to focus on the important things. You have to force yourself to get up early and not waste any time. London has so much to offer and I was already quite excited while packing my things. It took me a while to decide which bag I should take with me. At the end I finally asked myself "Which one is the most practical for me?“ Well, I knew I wanted to feed squirrels in Hyde Park, go shopping on Oxford Street and of course eat Fish 'n' Chips in Covent Garden. So no weekender this time, because I would definitely need both hands. As I'm usually not really pragmatic, I would always say style before function, but in this case I embraced it as I wanted to take a lot of photos. And just imagine I would coincidentally meet Queen Elizabeth and I wouldn't be able to shake her hands ! Thank god, there is the new Luca backpack from AIGNER which is not only very practical but also super elegant and stylish because of the black grained leather. The backpack measures a size of 36 x 32cm which is neither too big nor to small for an all-day city tour. You can easily open it with its dog hook closure which is super practical as well.A lot of backpacks are quite sporty but the Luca is very clean and modest which perfectly fits to every kind of styling.