Hello, dear fashionistas! When you grow up two and a half hours away from the North Sea coast and are at home in the Far North, blue and white stripes seem to be embedded in your DNA. I already wore them for my baptism. They are my central theme when I want to dress well and my anchor when I have nothing to wear. What is it about stripes which makes them so appealing - to the wearer as well as to the beholder? For me, it's definitely about my deep love for shades of blue. So it's no wonder that my look is currently one of my favorite outfits.  

But this is not the only reason why I chose to wear my feel-good clothes. Today, I want to exclusively present the first bag from AIGNER's upcoming Fall & Winter Collection. It's called Olivia.  

With its massive, gold chain elements and the soft smooth leather applied to a structured fabric, the Olivia possesses truly unique characteristics. Another great detail: the bag's three compartments on the inside. They are not only super practical but also an especially pretty and nostalgic detail inspired by earlier AIGNER bags. Aside from my model in Bellflower Blue (the name of the color itself already makes you hungry for more articles from the new AIGNER collection), starting in mid-May, you can buy the Olivia in two other models as well as in taupe and black, right here in the online-shop or in selected AIGNER stores.  

Next week, I will offer you another exclusive preview from the new collection. Stay tuned, that's all I will say!  

Yours truly, Kate