Baby, it's getting cold outside! It feels like winter has finally arrived in Germany and with it our much longed-for Christmas spirit. This week, I appropriately chose AIGNER's bright red Genoveva Bag. It not only represents the necessary mood lifter during these gray December days, it also just reminds me of Christmas with its deep shade of red in combination with the gleaming gold handle. However, this bag not only complements your wardrobe perfectly during the winter, it's also an absolute eye catcher during the summer. Just replace the cozy winter coat with a light, white summer dress, for example. The "Genoveva" line will also be included in the upcoming Spring & Summer Collection, however, this beautiful shade of red will only be available this season. I recommend putting it on your Christmas wish list immediately and casually showing it to your hubby so that the bag will definitely find its way under your Christmas tree.  

Happy pre-Christmas spirit!
Yours truly, Kate