I love to travel. I love visiting new places, seeing new faces and just experiencing life as a local would do in that specific place. Being a blogger has given me the motivation to travel the world, take pictures and share it with my followers. Many of them wish they could be me.

I think that’s where they go wrong. You shouldn’t wish to be someone else when you can do it yourself. Many people think traveling is expensive and yes it can be. But you can always find a great bargain and you most definitely don’t need to over spend. You can always find cheap flight tickets online and get a great deal on them too. Try to always book in advance and that way you know its way cheaper than if you wait it out.

The best part of traveling as a fashion blogger is all the great outfits I get to put together depending on where I’m flying to. For example this post was taken in Milan and the fact that I could match my AIGNER Cybill bag to my outfit was just perfectly planned and well it’s the best travel bag in my opinion. You can carry everything you need in it and the coconut brown color is just fab! So, where would you carry your Cybill bag?