Let's celebrate - with the new Cybill Artwork Edition!

Designer Christian Beck applied a striking, large-scale AIGNER logo inspired by Bauhaus to the Cybill.
Thanks to this, AIGNER's it-bag not only stands out due to its three-dimensional surface, but also its particularly hip look.

After the bag made its first big appearance at the ICONIC Fashion Show in Milan and was carried across the runway in white authentic crocodile leather, it has now been brought on the market in the latest seasonal colors. By the way, a small but special treat within the edition is a Cybill limited to 50 pieces, whose artwork logo was manufactured from embossed exotic leathers like ostrich, crocodile and kingsnake leather.
It draws particular attention to AIGNER's typical "A" in Cyani, Gold and Black.

AIGNER really knows how to celebrate one's 50th birthday in style!  

Yours truly, Kate